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We live in a global economy.

Or at least, I do.  I work with vendors regardless of the geographic location.  Some of the vendors I work with are in Canada, the UK, Australia, India, and some in various other parts of the world that I’ve never heard of.  PayPal doesn’t seem to mind where we’re sending our money.  Banks, on the other hand, have decided that a “foreign transaction fee” is yet another fee they can hit us up for.  Banks are like that.  If given a chance, they’ll charge a fee.  This isn’t about banks, though.

My point to this is that we don’t care where the seller is located.  I’m sure there is probably some federal law requiring us to pay import/export taxes, but the federal government has ignored laws regarding immigration for years.  It’s time we put an end to the nonsense.  Drop the import/export tariffs, drop the immigration laws.  It’s time for the US Government, and the American people to wake up and realize we live in a global world.  It’s also time for other countries to do the same. 

The United States is supposed to be a world leader.  Let’s take the first step.  Instead of restricting the free movement of goods and people, let’s open up.  Open up the borders.  Trying to close the borders doesn’t work anyway.  We know that.  Open the borders to both people and trade.  Let’s take the first step.